Designated Child Photographer at Sunsport Gardens Arrested

It appears the official child photographer for Sunsport Gardens has been arrested and faces three counts of production and possession of child pornography.

Grey Vanaman was the photographer who took many of the official photographs of children that are used on the Sunsport Gardens website.

It is interesting to note that "a search of New Jersey court records indicates that in 2004 Vanaman was found guilty in that state of possessing child pornography." This seems to counter claims by Sunsport management that background checks are effective in screening prospective members and residents. This is not the first time that a sexual offender was a resident at Sunsport. David Wayne McMurray was a resident while I lived there. Frederick Bedford would also visit Sunsport on a regular basis, providing access to cars and other gifts to younger members and residents.

I discussed several related issues with Morley Schloss while I was a resident several years ago. Morley dismissed my concerns as being invalid.

I presented my concerns about these members to Nicky Hoffman Lee of the Naturist Society over a year ago during the Naturist Festival held annually at Sunsport. At that time Ms. Lee determined that there was insufficient evidence to take any action.

The documentation I have collected over the years concerning activities at Sunsport Gardens will be made available to any officer of an official established naturist organization and to law enforcement when requested in an appropriate manner.

John Gaudet
Former Resident of Sunsport Gardens