Christmas Day on Haulover Beach 2012

I haven't been to the beach in what seems like forever. I have been trying to catch up on the work I put off while renovating my trailer. Well, there is still lots of put off work to catch up on! Still plenty of things to do to finish the trailer.

The Christmas beach day is an annual tradition for me since I moved to Florida. It is one of the many things I promised myself I would do when I arrived. The water is cold but acceptable and there is usually a "green flag" on the lifeguard tower.

I stopped at Wings to collect a few necessities and Starbucks for the traditional beach dark roast. Then to the beach!

The parking lot closest to the beach is still open but I did have to enter at the marina. The ticket booth was closed and the signage indicated that we were to use the parking kiosk. I found the parking robot to be a little challenging. He does not make change but will accept your credit card. The line was short and wait wasn't too bad. The ticket is printed and is delivered at the bottom of the machine in a not too obvious place. I hope they provide more than just the one machine if the usual park employees are to be replaced.

The morning was nearly perfect. There were few clouds and the temperature hovered around 80. The wind was light but enough to be refreshing. The water was clear and quite clean. There was a good crowd and several people were swimming. The official language of the beach seemed to be French.

Just a few hours in the sun made such a significant difference! I resolve to visit the beach more often in the new year. I will always have some other work to do I am sure. It can wait a bit while I take some beach time. I hope to see you there.