A Sad Day

Recently I got the news that a person I had considered a friend was arrested for being a child pornographer.

Of course we need to remember that in the United States people are innocent until proven guilty.

I think most people believe, however, that the arresting agency, the Department of Homeland Security, is not likely to make such an arrest without some good reason.

There has always been a fear among nudists that we will be arrested for our family vacation pictures. There have been arguments that some registered sex offenders deserve access to our clubs and beaches; they have been wrongfully accused because the textile world just doesn’t understand.

It’s important to note that if law enforcement didn’t understand the difference between porn and nudist photos Morley Schloss would have been arrested years ago for the Youth Camp photos on the Sunsport Gardens website. These photos are obviously children participating in summer camp activities. Yes, they are nude, but there is nothing suggestive or lewd about the photos.

The creepy part is that many of those photos were taken by Grey Vanaman, accused child pornographer.

Sure, I always thought Grey was a bit strange. But we all have friends that are a bit strange. I am surely the strange friend of a few people.

Grey presented himself as a decent parent; in fact many thought he was a better parent than any other at Sunsport. At Sunsport, many children are allowed to run wild. Morley has often said he believes that is the way it should be, unlike every other nudist resort that admonishes parents to supervise their children at all times.

Grey and his wife would often feed and bunk children who were ostensibly neglected at Sunsport. Now, if the charges Grey faces are true, that feels sinister.

I know that there have been a few accusations of child molestation at Sunsport, and that the police seem to never be involved. I know that Grey supported Sunsport’s decision to not involve the police, telling me that “police always make things worse.”

Now those words feel sinister, too.

I know Grey was attached to his camera. It was easy for people to write that off. He was a proud parent taking pictures of his kids.

I know, too, that Morley had an agenda when it came to photography that I didn’t understand. He wanted a lot of nude pictures on the Sunsport Gardens website. And he wanted many of them to be of children.

In a recent interview for a blog post on the Young Naturist America website about nudist youth camps there is an interesting quote from Morley. Morley said this to Chet Kresniak, guest YNA blogger.

“In words and photos, we must portray children and their families having fun at naturist resorts and naturist youth camps.”

Earlier in the post there is another quote from Morley that is even more disturbing. He says, in part, “Children are quite safe from abuse in naturist venues”.

Overall, I agree with that statement. But at the naturist venue where Morley is principle shareholder, manager and president of the board of directors that statement is obviously untrue.

Grey Vanaman was the official Sunsport photographer and is now an accused child pornographer. Dave MacMurray, who lived at Sunsport when we arrived, was just arrested for violent child porn in Operation Glass House. Fred Bedford, a known sex offender, was a welcome guest at Sunsport Gardens. And, as I said before, I am aware of several allegations of child molestation at Sunsport that were handled internally by camp management, with no involvement of police.

Let me state emphatically that these sorts of things don’t normally happen in American nudism. But they do happen, apparently with great regularity, at Sunsport Gardens.

Over a year ago I had a conversation with Nicky Hoffman-Lee, co-owner of The Naturist Society, about my concerns. I was worried that children were unsafe at Sunsport, and I felt that eventually something would happen to damage the reputation of nudism in America and of the Naturist Society.

I was told that I did not have enough evidence to warrant any action from the Naturist Society. I have also been told that I have “made enemies” because I have been vocal about what I perceive as the problems at Sunsport Gardens.

Do I feel vindicated? No. I feel sad. And I am very afraid of two possibilities.

One is that Morley will be able to distance himself from Grey to the point that he will not be held to task for creating and allowing an unsafe environment.

The other is that the press and the politicians will seize this opportunity to paint all nudists with the same unsavory brush.


". . . innocent until proven guilty."  Sorry to disagee, but nothing could be further from the truth.  In America people are mistreated by the government all the time.  Six corporations control 90% of U.S. news, but on the noncorporate news there are countless stories of unconstitutional detentions and killings.

This sad day would probably have been avoided if management passed out papers to residents alerting them that the government is recording their email, web searches, comments, texts, phone calls, physical location (via phone), Skype, debit/credit history, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  I bet nudist venues are monitored really closely!

Most nudist venues are self-monitored, which is what keeps these sorts of things from happening in general. The problem is that self-monitoring, and self-policing did not happen at Sunsport Gardens.

Whatever your views of the government may be, using children to create pornography is wrong on the deepest level, and not what naturism and nudism is about.

"This sad day would probably have been avoided if management passed out papers to residents alerting them that the government is recording their email, web searches, comments, texts, phone calls, physical location (via phone), Skype, debit/credit history, Twitter, Facebook, etc. "

Actually, the sad day would have been prevented if they didn't harbor (or perhaps even collaborate with) a pedophile.  Warning people about the "evil government spies" rather than actually deal with the ugly issue at hand is not the kind of tin foil hat solution needed to make children actually safe at places like Morley's little den.