No One Needs Clothes

Well, of course we need clothes. We need clothes to keep from getting arrested. We need clothes for protection from the cold. Sometime we need protective clothing to accomplish a task or play a sport.

But that's not what I'm talking about.

What I'm talking about is a comment I saw in a nudist on-line community.

Someone had posted a nude photo of a cute young woman. Someone else had posted the comment "She doesn't need clothes."

The concept of the comment, of course, was that she didn't need clothes because she was so good-looking.

It upsets me when I find these sorts of things in nudist groups. If we don't understand our own philosophy, how will anyone else?

You see, the unspoken part of that comment is this. People who are not young, people who are not attractive, people who are not skinny DO need clothes. Why do they need clothes? They need clothes to hide their bodies because they are not young, attractive and skinny.

This is the exact opposite of our philosophy of body acceptance.

Fat people do not need clothes.

Old people do not need clothes.

Unattractive people do not need clothes.

Disabled people do not need clothes.

None of us need to feel shame in our bodies.

We must understand our essential beauty. We must understand the essential beauty of others.

That's what nudism is all about.

There is never a need to hide ourselves away.

Body shame hurts us. Body acceptance heals us.

We are not nude for approval or disapproval.

No one needs clothes.



I agree, even I at an advanced age don't need clothing when conditions are ripe for being clothes free.




Thanks for your support! I love your name - SkyClad Therapist! Perfect!