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Welcome to Naturist Vision. I provide this blog to anyone who has something to contribute to the naturist, nudist or nudie movement.

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I am providing access to the internet to my neighbors near my home at Lake Como for no charge. Just connect to SSID Sunspots Free WiFi. You will directed to a page where you can read the terms of use. If you agree to the terms press the "Continue" button for free access. Please feel free to use this service if you need it.

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Anyone with an interest in the tarot is welcome to attend. Check the FaceBook Group for date and time.


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Martens Admits Guilt

Brian Martens is the third person who lived at Sunsport Gardens Nudist Resort during the time I lived there who has been guilty of possessing or creating child pornography. According to the Sun Sentinel he faces 10 to 17 years in prison.

Read "Nudist dad admits he possessed child porn" on the SunSentinel website.

The article suggests the people in community at Sunsport Gardens did not find the photographs to be child pornography. I do not think the majority of nudists who live outside of the Sunsport community would agree. The photographer, Grey Vanaman, will probably spend the rest of his life in prison for his part in this. Martens at least 10 years. Both will have to register as sex offenders if they are released. I can't believe these pictures were in some sort of "grey area" between art and pornography.

My hope is that the children who were abused will receive the care they need to heal from their abuse at the hand of these child predators.

Let this serve as a message that child pornographers are not "safe" at nudist camps. Try it where I live and you will meet law enforcement.



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